It's the last day of the year! The one thing you need!

It has been an amazing journey for me this year and sincerely I have not been this excited at the end of a year before in all my years on this planet earth. This just confirms to me that 2016 will be more awesome and grace-filled.

Looking at my life now, I'm surprise and not also surprise for the things happening in my life. I'm surprise because I look at where I'm coming from and it as though who I am today is by magic. At the same time I'm not surprise because everything I went through has worked together to bring me here.

For those of you who are still wondering what you're on this earth to do, or the future looks dim when you view it. I have a message for you.

If at all you're in this category and you have written a new year resolution, permit me to say tear it!... Ha ha ha ridiculous you think?

Don't be offended, you can keep it if you have been able to stick faithfully to the ones you wrote at the beginning of this year.

The only thing you need is to figure out is why you're here (by here I mean earth). That is the one thing! Every other things (education, skills, relationship, job etc) only helps to enhance it.

2015 was a journey of purpose discovery and prioritizing for me, I was amazed when I discovered it was as though all my previous experiences and years had been a training ground. Now I'm grateful to God for everything.

For everyone, instead of a new year resolution write goals, create a vision board and stick to it. I promise you, you'll be fine.

Last year December I was channeling my resources to launch my blog, this year December I'm channeling my resources to launch my Vlog! And God has blessed me with all spiritual, mental and physical resources to start, therefore I pray; has we are about to step into new year (2016), may God meet all your needs and bless the works of your hand.

I pray you go higher and higher in Jesus name, you will not go yourself but God will carry you to your Rehoboth in JESUS name.

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Unknown said...

Happy new year to you and your blog family.
One love