Merry Christmas to all my darling readers!

I wish you a Merry Christmas!
I wish you a Merry Christmas!!
From the bottom of my heart!!!

In this beautiful season of giving, I wish I can donate a million dollar to meet your needs so that you won't carry any unpaid bills to next year.

Well, it is a pity I'm not capable now but accept my sincere wishes and prayers that happiness and joy will never cease in your life. May all your good heart desires come to life in JESUS name!

Please remember we are celebrating Jesus and not you (except it's your birthday... LOL), so don't misbehave with foods and drinks. I don't want to hear tales of how you purged after consuming all consumables... LOL

I hope the chickens and party is on, DJs blasting the speakers... LOL!

On the count of One! Two! Three! Let the dance begin!

Merry Christmas!

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