Forgetfulness is as bad as Ignorance

My mum is a teacher, but I can't remember her help us (her kids)with assignment when we were little. So I asked her if she ever helped us with assignment. She laughed and said no, that she was always busy with businesses but she hired private teachers for us.

I was surprise because I couldn't remember having private teachers between the age of 2-8yrs. My mum was also surprise I didn't remembered.

Many times I have suspected that I have selective memory, I'm three years older than my younger brother, but I have seen him remember things which my mum confirms but I couldn't remember.

Some may argue that selective memory is good because it helps to block some unwanted memories. Well, I don't have problem with the argument, but I want us to be careful not to use that as an excuse not to stay in ignorance.

Though we live in a physical world, but the spiritual has greater influence in our life. And that is the reason we need the Holy Spirit to help and guide us always.

What if as a kid I had playfully entered some unholy covenant and forgot? Or my grand parent have at one point become diabolical and the repercussions wants to happen in my life?

I'm sorry but when you hear some news that a young Christian died, do you say God had taken them because of the day of evil? What if God did not intend them to die young but ignorance killed them?

Yes you are born again, old things have become new, you will go to heaven but you are suppose to first live the heaven on earth with full vigour, vitality and health.

With the heart we believe, and with the mouth we confess onto salvation. True, but there is still a place of working out your salvation, breaking free from every bondage and limitations.

This post is not to create fear, but to tell you how much you need God and the Holy Spirit every micro seconds of your life.

The Holy Spirit doesn't have to tell me in details the diabolical things my family or I have mistakingly entered into, but He can lead me into praying some strategic prayers, renew my mind and order my steps.

In conclusion: You need the Holy Spirit more than anything and everything else.

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