How to be focus and achieve more

When I was in school there was a day I had the word 'focus' impressed in me. Rather than make it my watch word I turned it into a business name. I even anchored a radio program in school with the name.

All along I knew the word meant more than just a business name. I knew I had it impressed in me for a purpose, yet many times I seemed to be jumping from pillar to pole. Therefore today, I will be sharing some very crucial factors that I believed can help a person to be focus.

1. Tell yourself a good story.
The things you tell yourself matters a lot in life. A person who constantly tell him or herself stories like 'I'm not good enough' can never be focus enough to achieved anything meaningful.

2. First become it in the head before starting.
I have jumped into businesses because I heard it was lucrative without having built myself for it and after it crumbled I would conclude it wasn't made for me.

I realized the problem was because I had not taken my time to build enough knowledge muscles for it. Becoming something in the head helps to weather a storm.

3. Vision.
In vision you work with the end in mind. Vision is gotten from purpose. And goals are birthed from vision. You need to focus to achieve your goals.

NB: The explanations above will save you a lot if you can master it. A clear vision help you to stay away or overcome distractions.

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