Net worth is not a determinant of success

Sometimes ago, an old friend called me, asked how my blog is doing and ended it by asking of my net worth. I jokingly said hundred billion dollars. He was persistent but I waved the question.

Later in the evening, still thinking about the question I chatted him up on WhatsApp and asked why he asked such a question. I asked him if he thinks the success I have with my blog equals the money I have in my account. Mind you, I have had two family members asked me if I'm making money before.

Of course, money can be a proof of success but it never a determinant of your success as a person.

You see, I asked the friend who called me the last time he visited my post, he said it's been awhile. I also know that one out of the two other family members that asked for my net worth hardly read my posts, and the other person doesn't even have access to internet.

This made me to realise that those who don't know what we are doing always seems to want to have a say over us. You will only end up depressed if you allow their opinions rule your life.

Recently, an interview question was sent to me, and the interviewer asked why I chose an inspiration blog instead of news or fashion blog. Well, I said that is not my area of strength.

Going that line because of money will only ends in frustration. You see, I have read interview of successful bloggers who had the money to hire more hands to blog for them but said they still do it themselves because no one can do it like them. It is their passion! And we love them because we feel them when we visit their blog.

Moreover do you think I would have any published work out there and those I'm working on if all I'm concerned about is money?

Who would consider me worthy to be interviewed if all I'm after is money by deviating from my purpose? I've seen the way some described me because of what I do and I'm amazed because some years ago I wouldn't have thought of these accolades.

I remember when the students in my school voted for the best teacher that can teach, I came second. Though some will consider it a good one. But you see, in my area of gifting I'm not in competition with anyone.

Money is good, I want abundance of it but it cannot buy me success and significance.

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