Sabbath's appetizer- Isn't this religiosity?

After yesterday's chronicle, I broadcast the link to the post on social media, if you noticed I initially wrote Christmas as Xmas, I later got a pictographs from a lady that say's "it's Christmas not X-mas, and you can go to hell if you disagree" she then wrote "Christmas without Christ is entirely useless".

Now am I not suppose to be annoyed with her response? Why would you tell me to go to hell because I wrote X-mas rather than Christmas? Anyway, I went online and did a little research on Wikipedia and after I realized that it is believed that some people replace the Christ with X so as to make it less religious, I decided to go back to the post and correct it.

I still don't believed writing Xmas is wrong but for the sake of anyone who may also be opinionated about it, I changed it.

Now, what did I tell the lady? Nothing. I wasn't ready to argue moreover I saw it as the inspiration I needed to write this Sabbath appetizer...LOL.

You see it always amazed me when we human think we can fight for God. And that is the issue the world is currently facing with the Islamic terrorist, killing innocent people because they ain't sharing the same faith with them.

Religion makes you to quickly criticize others.

Have a happy Sunday!

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