Sabbath's Appetizer- Our Father

Many times I have done things to my parents that I know an outsider cannot attempt to do. Sometimes I can say the way they reacted when angry isn't the way they would do if I wasn't their child.

Maybe they would have simply sent me packing along time ago. But what gave me the effrontery to think I can still go to the kitchen and serve myself or ask for school fees immediately after I apologized or been discipline?


This is exactly the way we are suppose to deal with God. You see, it is sort of easy for me to relate with God as my Dad, especially since my earthly Dad is dead. So that when I need something I would normally ask from my earthly father I can now look directly at God.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying your earthly father should die before you see God as your real Dad.

You see, it is a common thing for us to sin and withdraw from God like he won't have compassion on us anymore, can you act that way with your earthly father? No.

I think this is because we can see our earthly father physically, and our brain many times is more attuned with that which we can see. But God is more real and closer than our earthly parent.

The knowledge of genetics helped me to understand that those things we cannot see physically (genotype) is as important or even more important than the features which we can see physically (phenotype)

Therefore as a Christian I now have the gene of God in me, so that if you are to do a DNA test for God and I, you will see that we are not like extended family related but blood related (father and daughter).

(I know God is a spirit and not human, I'm only trying to use the biology you can understand to explain the relationship)

One good way to stop feeling alienated from God is to be conscious of his presence with you everyday. You can consciously say things like "thank you Lord", "I love you Lord" every time and anytime.

For example, when I want to do something or write something and the idea or words seems to be floating about, I say things like "Holy spirit teach me" or "help me to put this together" most times I get it almost immediately, sometimes days goes by. But what I'm doing is been aware of him as been there always.

Has a Christian you are a pure breed of God nature, but your beliefs and how well you develop your relationship with him can make him dominant or recessive in your life.

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