Sabbath's Appetizer- The power of switch

In my bid to understand mathematics in my first year at the university, I approached a senior student in my department who was in his final year. This guy is brilliant and also a very religious Muslim.

One day he started a religious discussion, wanting to preach Islam to me. He tried to attack my Christian faith, I can't really remember the things he said but I can say he was well read and eloquent. I must have said something because I can remember him saying Paul is the problem we Christians have.

If there is anything that statement did to me, it made me admire and respect Paul the more. Of course I've read some of Paul's letters and felt "oh Paul why did you say this, com'on that's harsh". Yet I know he speaks the truth.

Was he not the same rugged man who requested letters from the high priest to enable him persecute Christians? But God made him a writer of letters to grow the Church.

He was once a terror to Christians, but God made him a terror to the kingdom of darkness! Tell me why I won't love Paul!

From Paul I learnt the power of switch. What do I mean by this.

Recently, I talked to some students about temperaments, and I told them because they have certain characteristics does not mean they can behave anyhow they feel. I explained that the Holy Spirit can also help us to control our character and use it for good.

Just as Paul was vibrant in persecuting Christians, he was also vibrant in sharing the gospel. Now, he has his writings in the best book you can ever possess in this world, The Bible.

I want to submit to anyone who read this post to switch, if you have been using your talents and gifts for the wrong course, then switch and use it for good.

We do not need to pretend to be who we are not, but like Paul lets switch to do good.

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