The Replacers

Sometimes ago, two of my students told me what they do, one said she made beads and she needs help to open a Facebook page so that people can patronize her, the other girl said she writes, I collected some of her write-ups to see the kinds of things she writes and later gave her advice on writing.

That day while thinking about the two girls, the word "replacer" came to my mind. Isn't it interesting that what some are getting out of is what some are entering into. You know how many people are giving up on their skills? Yet that is what some are currently developing.

I tell you, if we decide to stay complacent, frustrated and ignorance, someone is around the corner to replace us.

This isn't to say we should live a competitive life, No. It only tells us to appreciate and maximize the gifts in form of businesses, talents, careers and relationships that we have been blessed with.

I believe no one can be like me, but the truth is there is someone that can do the things that I do better than I do. Have you ever pay attention to the way people beat records these days? Footballers, artist, etc. You will be surprise that the champion of today would be replaced tomorrow by an equally good person.

But we have legends who have gone to glory and yet their memory and work can never be replaced.

How do you avoid replacement?

1. Stay in your lane
A person who has a clearly defined purpose and is working on it and inside it can't be replaced. Clarity and focus is the key point here.

2. Avoid competition
When you are competitive you go with the mindset of dropping others and the absolute truth is that no matter how far you have gone, you will also also be dropped. After all competition is what you signed up for.

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Oluwadamilola Akinayo said...

Lovely post,I got this from your post on LinkedIn. It's very encouraging and inspired me. Keep writing and don't stop from a fellow blogger,best regards