When the manufacturers does not have you in mind

I recently got a Bluetooth headset, the guy that sold it to me paired it with my Android tablet, but when I got home and tried to pair it with my other two phones and laptop it won't just work. I couldn't find the manual in the pack so I thought maybe it was locked to my tablet or it can't work with my other phones.

Therefore on Sunday, I took it to church so I could test it with other people's smart phones. A guy saw the device and asked how much I got it, after I told him the price he made a facial expression and said he like the Bluetooth but he doesn't like the price because according to him it was expensive.

The guy is into media business so I guess he must have seen some that are less cheap, nevertheless I tried to explain some of it functions, a lady came to where we were, met the discussion and also asked for the price. After I told her, she also made a facial expression.

By now, I was thinking she also thought it was expensive, then she said she got hers (a different brand) for a price over six times what I got mine! Now that's expensive and my turn to make a facial expression...LOL

I have purposely kept the figures to save you unnecessary calculations...LOL.

I once wrote a post of how I went to a shopping mall and priced a jacket that was very expensive and all I could do after I was told the price was to smile and say thank you.

Someone once said the things we call expensive ain't really expensive, it only means the manufacturers did not have you in mind...hmm

In the Bluetooth tale, we made similar facial expression for both cheap and expensive. What made the guy said mine was expensive? What made the lady think mine was cheap?

I eventually figured my way around the device and was able to pair it with my phones and laptop and I will say it serves the purpose for which I bought it. Now I can only wonder what other functions the lady's headset has, but the truth is that there are other Bluetooth headsets that are even more expensive than hers.

Therefore the next time you feel something is too expensive, maybe the manufacturer did not have you in mind...LOL!

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