How to sing a new song in this new year

I recently read about a lady that lost her job as we were about to enter the new year, her Facebook post about the event was very positive and inspiring so much that it caught the attention of bloggers and even gave hope to people.

This lady confirmed that we are not what the world throws at us but we are what we confess.

We are still in the beginning of the new year, and I would love to share my concerns. As we all know there are always many predictions in the news, and if you're not careful you can make dangerous conclusion about the year.

I still hope a time would come when economy predictions and prophecies will be generally positive for the whole world, till then it isn't my business whatever negative news anyone carries. You see, I have discovered that while some are crying and lamenting, some are dancing for joy, I want to be among the later.

In 2015, as usual I read different things online but that year has been one that I look at and smile, everyday was filled with goodness. And I'm a believer that things can only get better, that is why I believe 2016 will be greater.

Many Christians have already started the year with fasting and prayer, I want to believe there is nothing as good as to commit the first week(s) of the year into the hands of God.

As 2015 was about to end, many were been taught lessons on setting goals and achieving them, how to make vision board is also a lesson I learnt. All this is not because I fear what the new year has to offer, no. What I and many people are doing is to position ourself for the good things in the new year.

Be watchful, smart, hardworking and prayerful, yes communicate with the one who holds the future in prayer and studying of His word (Bible) and I tell you the new song you have been waiting to sing will come your way and you will sing it. AMEN

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