Sabbath's Appetizer: It pays to be at the right place and at the right time

After I settled in my PPA (place of primary assignment) during my service year, the place was far to the church I was previously attending when I was still in the Corper's Love world family house (Christ Embassy).

But because of some responsibilities in the corpers fellowship (assistance secretary), I decided I would attend weekly service at the church closer to my PPA, Winner's Chapel (Living Faith Church) and attend Sunday service at Christ Embassy.

This church (Winner's Chapel) taught me a lesson about life that I will like you to know.

You see, because of the insurgency of the Boko Haram terrorist group in the North and Benue state which shared border with the North, and the church which also happened to be situated in a commercial area had a strict security control.

Really, I didn't considered this when I first attended the church as I was annoyed with the way I was checked. I had double mind about attending service the next Wednesday but I still went because I had become accustomed to going to church during the week.

The second visit to the church made me really angry as I had been checked at the gate but as I stepped into the church one of the security guys called me back and wanted to check the waist purse I carried, you can imagine the eyes I felt was on me because the church was a very large one (about a thousand capacity or more).

I was embarrass especially when I was told I can't enter the church with the purse, I explained that I entered the church with the purse last Sunday but the guy wouldn't have it, so I became annoyed at what type of church let you drop all your stuffs outside and enter with just the Bible and notepad only.

I made up my mind I wasn't coming back to the church again.

To cut the story short, I still went to the church after I humbled myself to reason with the rules and regulation of the church.

(I eventually stopped going to Christ Embassy because of the risks of taking motorbikes on the long journey)

The church I initially wanted to stop attending became what I would call the best experience in Benue state. It was where I would say purpose found me or I discover purpose.

What brought about this post was after I remembered a fellow corp member who I introduced to the church (she stayed back in the state), on one of our phone conversation told me she had join the church's choir!

I think most time many of us need just a little patience and the ability to humble oneself and obey the rules.

Winner's chapel wasn't the only church closer to my PPA, in fact there were some that were of trekking distance. But I doubt if I would ever got from them the things I got in Winner's chapel.

PS: I'm not trying to advertise or market any church to you. I'm only sharing my experience during service year. I currently worship in the church I attends before I went for service. Thanks.

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