Don't get who you are twisted with your job

Recently I read some brouhaha online about some celebrities attacking each other, but a statement from one of the parties caught my attention. He said when you take away the on air personality job from the lady, she's nothing.

You see, for some months now I have been wanting to write something about what we do (job) and who we are (purpose). And this gave me the motivation I needed.

I have always wondered why a person thinks his or her life is over once they loose their Job or retired from their job.

In one of John Maxwell's message he talked about how his 92years old father is still going strong in his calling, still serving others. I have also heard of a man who is now 82 years old who resumed into his personal office (law firm), after he retired from government work because he had the passion to served people. He is still going strong too.

In finding my part I'm careful to distinguished between what I call my career and my purpose.

A man once asked me where I worked, I said I teach in a private school. He then said a government school would be a good place for me (Probably because of stability and pension).

That day, the way he said it kept me thinking, is that all about me? My job? My marriage? My children?

Sometimes ago, some people carried a rumour that a prominent Bishop was retiring and his son was taking over. Well, I knew it wasn't possible and to confirm my thought, the ministry released a statement that ministry is a lifetime call, one doesn't retire from it. I have heard John Maxwell said he will retire when he dies.

I have talked of how my Dad committed suicide after he was deported from the UK. He felt he had lost all because he was after a job and not a purpose (he was a great dad and I still love him tho).

"My job is not to be an interviewer, my job is not to be a talkshow host or to own a network. I am here to raise consciousness, to connect people to ideas and stories so that they can see themselves and live better lives"- Oprah Winfrey.

You can only truly live when you have search out your purpose and not job.

Someone once told me he knows what he ought to do, but he told God he wanted to go to school, work and make money then comeback to do that which he was called to do....Hmm.

Your job or career may earn you a living but it cannot give you a life. Your purpose will give you WEALTH and LIFE.

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