On Your Own (OYO!)

This title is kinda funny to me, and you will get to know why soon. Oyo is a name of a town in Nigeria. But some funny peeps have made it an acronym for 'on your own'. Which is more like saying you'll carry the cross yourself.

Something happened to me recently that made me to say 'oyo' for myself. After I read the news about a popular gospel singer divorce, it was said that the divorce was because he cheated in his marriage. A thought immediately came to my heart, something like "if this anointed man can do this, then who am I? I better do whatever comes my way!"

That must be the devil speaking! Not me...LOL, devil or not, I quickly rejected the thought as 'oyo' came to my mind. I am not even about to mention the man's name, cos I don't want to spread something God has forgiven. But really, why should I think that I can't be righteous?

I was recently inspired when TD Jake's daughter was interviewed by Dr. Phil, she made a statement that it doesn't matter if your father is a Bishop, you are responsible for the decisions you make!

You see, I have seen the way people blame Eli for not training his sons, but guess what? The sons of the good prophet (Samuel) weren't any better!

Isn't it amazing that after Jesus healed the man at the pool, he told him to stop sinning as greater afflictions may come upon him... It was more like saying "I have healed you in my mercy, but if you continue in sin then you are on your own!"

If there is any message I want to leave with you today, it's the fact that for every decision you make you are on your own. Never live your life trying to justify yourself because others are doing it. They may do it and have the chance to repent. But you may never recover from it nor have the opportunity to repent.

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