Two secrets of Talent

My Birthday was last friday!...LOL, I purposely didn't do a birthday post. I'm getting old so I decided to do a new age meditation... *smiles*

You see, as a musician hopes one of his singles will become a hit, I as a writer have on numerous occasion hopes one of my writings will become a hit. But thank God it never occur to me to quit before I discover these truth.  

1. Talent without a message is a disaster

I recently watched a popular singer talked on how she became a success and influential. She said she loves to empower women and she does it through her music.

Judging from the songs she had released, I can say 'women empowerment' is her message.

Have you seen people with nice voice, who are successful musically but lives a nothing to write home about lives?

Your talent can pave way for you because it is your natural ability but when you don't have a message, you are everywhere with no significant impacts.

You can only have a message when you have discover your purpose.

2. Talent is a gift from God

I saw this interesting quote on linkedin:
"Your talent is God's gift for you, what you do with it is your gift back to God" -Leo Buscaglia

Then I realize everything I do should be done with enthusiasm and zeal as though it will be a hit, since it is a gift back to God.

When you realize this, you will have the love of others in mind, maximize your potentials, avoid competition and beat your records.

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