What can you perfect in five years?

Recently I and some of my colleagues were discussing and one raised a point that he is too old to learn any craft. I was of the opinion that it is never late when you know where you're headed.

But another colleague wouldn't take my opinion, he felt there is no time to learn any new skill and moreover people who are into craft works ain't making more profit. I don't know where he got that but I said he is a graduate not because he can't do certain odd jobs, but because he can package those craft and make it big.

A prominent man, Bishop Oyedepo once said, the reason why graduates are grounded is because they are graduates.

How can a person who is less than 40 years old claim he is too old to learn a skill? When some old retired folks have just launched out to start a new business they learnt after retirement.

I told the guy to give himself five years in anything he wants to learn or do. Five years may be long, but it is enough to perfect your craft, be rooted and blossom.

If you feel you're too old, add five years to your age and imagine being the "Lord" of the craft and making millions by that age, do you feel cool or sad when you think like this?

Well, you can perfect any craft within a year and have opportunities flowing towards you. But I think five years is a good place to start when thinking on the long term.

You see, one may feel their friends have risen above them, but you can discover purpose, take up a skill or business now and in five years time, your contemporaries may have to define success by your achievements.

One important point the guy who felt too old raised was the thought of having to learn from a less educated person. Well, I heard someone said you will be all that you want to be if you care less about who takes the glory.

What is that thing you want to do you but you feel too big, old or busy? Go for it and give yourself five years.

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