What exactly is your calling?

If you noticed I have changed the title of this blog (in the blog banner) to Living Life to the Fullest. It used to be Home of Happy Shiny People. Well, I know you're all still happy people...LOL, I have simply found my driving force!

To today's post title, I hope you were able to answer the question as soon as you saw it? I was inspired to write this when I saw someone asked a friend of mine this question on Facebook.

I was once inspired by Maya Angelou when she said "I come as one but I stand as ten thousands". You see, I have come to understand that the ten thousands are souls of powerful or influential people, living or dead.

Now, for us to be a able to operate in that realm like Maya Angelou, we must have known our calling (purpose), because the ten thousands souls are people who have either walk the path before you or who have experiences or knowledge to empower each of us for that which we are called.

What is exactly is your calling again?

It is no lie that we all have great potentials resonating inside everyone of us, and lots that we have not even tapped from and some of us may never use. Let me make it clearer.

You see, in university there was a time a close friend was counting all the things I had done, skills I had learnt, businesses I had done. It was more like he was asking me what exactly was my calling. Therefore, when I saw the question been asked on Facebook I could relate with it.

You know what purpose do? It saves you the headache of running rounding trying to achieve or become something that will end up not satisfying or make you feel fulfilled.

After you discover purpose, everything you do will be in alignment with your calling.

Before you can answer the questions of what exactly is your calling, then you must have figured out the following:

1. Can you differentiate between your passion and destination disease?
Watch my video on Destination disease to better understand it.

2. Are you a jack of all trades?
It is true that we can do a lot, the Bible even said we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).

But it is a pity some of us are simply jack of all trades and master of none therefore they end up tending other people's field while they ignore theirs (Solomon 1:6).

"They become Jack of all trades, master of none, rather than jack of few trades focused on one"-John Maxwell

If after you have figured out where you stand. Then you can start the process of discovering your purpose, or simply check yourself if you are still in line with your purpose.

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