What if this is all you came to earth to do?

I have done a video on destination disease, written a post where I asked the question : what exactly is your calling?.

But today I want to talk on something that resonate within me, and I know you will probably agree with me or argue it, yet I believe there is something I can do that if that is the only reason I have come to earth then I have lived, and even God will say "my daughter, I'm proud of you".

Have you heard the audio bible message that was Inspired by Media Group? I was so touched by it that I went to search it on Google. After I realized that about four hundred people came together to work on it, I said to myself "if this is the only reason these people came to this earth, then they have lived"

When I first heard the phrase "if this is all you came to do" I was somehow skeptical, even though I heard it from the powerful preacher, Benson Idahosa of blessed memory.

But now I can say if that audio bible is all that the people who took part in it came to this earth to do, then they have done well! In fact they have lived!

If you think I am trying to create more market for the DVD of the audio bible, you may have thought right cos indeed if that is all I do and people are buying and listening to it, then I have done well!.. Give it as gift to you friends and family! LOL

Well, as a Christian I know we can live many prominent marks on earth and we can only do that when we have genuine love for God and for others.

There is this popular quote that says "Life is not measured by the number of breathe we take but by the moments that take our breathe away". Good quote I'll say but if I will say mine then it will be:

"Life is not measure by the number of breathe I take or those that take mine away, but by those people whose breathe I was able to take away through the wow effects or the impacts I made".

Everyday we are getting closer to our death, why not make use of every opportunity we can, to do something awesome, something that will forever remain in people's memory and heart.

I recently told some friends that one day I hope I won't be able to complete my story without mentioning their names.

I also want that person that won't be able to finish his or her story with mentioning my name!

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