3 things you must consider before accepting a Job offer

Recently I read a news about people insulting a particular actress on social media for the salary she wants to pay her new personal assistance and also for the requirements and qualification she demanded.

Personally I feel the salary she said she was going to pay shouldn't be an issue. Because she earns millions doesn't mean she should pay millions, I'm sorry but that's the truth. Rather, I feel many people don't even know what they should consider before accepting a job offer.

There are three things I learnt that one needs when considering a job.

1. Salary
2. Network
3. Experience

The first one which is salary should be the least a person looking for employment should worry about. Why? Because no one can pay you your true worth! Moreover salary is the only thing that will stop when you stop working, your boss can take your salary away but he or she cannot take your network and experience away from you.

I recently spoke with a guy who earns little as salary, but due to the nature of his job and network he makes much more.

I think there is something everyone needs to figure out before settling for a job, and it is PURPOSE. Your purpose will guide you into making the right career or job choice. It will take your eyes from seeing salary as a do or die affair. It will help you align with the right boss!

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