Lets get this! Business, Career and Purpose

Recently I was discussing a business idea with a guy, the business is meant to be situated in an academic environment. I noticed the guy was very interested in my contributions because it make sense!

I'm not bluffing by saying it makes sense, I'm a thought leader, not a sweet talker. Much more than that I speak from a deep source....
And because I know it will be successful I had the inspiration to write today's post. Kindly read on.

Over the weekend it occured to me the similarity that comes with what we called business, career and purpose.

You see, a good business start with a plan, where your vision and mission is clearly stated out, then comes the feasibility studies that you have carried out that made you know the business will be a success.

That been said, I will talk about purpose, purpose is divine, you don't carry out feasibility studies to know your purpose because it is spiritually inspired by God. Yes, you heard that right, it is God that gives purpose. As much as I help people to align their lifestyle with their purpose, and can guide you into discovering you purpose. I can't give you your purpose.

That settled, let talk about career, career is not purpose, wikipedia defined it as one's lifework, one's occupation or profession. I had my first degree in plant science but knowing what I really want, I decided to do my Masters in personnel psychology, after I applied for the course, everything I saw afterward bended towards psychology.

The people I respected, admire and listen to had a degree in psychology! How come I didn't notice psychology before? Well, it just tells me I'm on the right path. But I see Masters in Personnel Psychology as an enhancement, not a validation. I see it as something that will help me connect well (empathy) with the people my purpose is serving and not something to jump around with and boast about.

Don't get me wrong, I can build a career as a human resource person as that's personnel psychology is majorly focused on. But what I'm saying is that I know the difference between my career and my purpose.

It is true that everyone of us want to be our true self and achieve our greatest potential, but you can only do that with purpose. Not a business and not even a career.

"When your purpose is bigger than you, you have a calling. When you are bigger than your purpose you have a career"-John Maxwell.

Every purpose is suppose to meet a need or solve a problem. Every Business and career is also suppose to meet a need or solve a problem. You see where it can be confusing? Purpose though is not for monetary gains, can feed you and make you wealthy. Business and career though have their contributions to humanity but it is profit driven.

I am not in anyway condemning business, but when you have a business without having discovered your purpose, you are just a business owner or an entrepreneur. You don't want to be a career woman without being a purposeful woman.

In one of his books, Robert Kiyosaki talked about having both spiritual mission and a business mission to have a strong business. If you're still wondering what is spiritual mission, it is a sense of purpose.

You are meant to first discover your purpose and align your career or business with it.

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