My invaluable experience at Business Owners Forum (BOF) seminar

God knows I want more of meetings like this! Not because of the comfy atmosphere or the sumptuous lunch that was served...LOL, pardon me but it seems I can't stop mesmerizing over everything!

Who says good things don't come free? The seminar wasn't free but I was one of the lucky beneficiaries that was sponsored to attend. The benefit of a good friend? No, the benefit of a good Church and a wonderful Pastor... I learnt a lot but I'm not about to download all my notes, I'll just share the line that stuck with me.

The seminar was put together by Business Owner Forum (BOF) team, a forum on Facebook created by a Olufunke Temenu the woman with the passion to reach business people to do business in the Christian way.... Hmm, well don't squeeze your face, it wasn't a "spiritual meeting".... but it was godly anyway.

The speaker, a dynamic man, Godwin Uwuba'men spoke passionately about the need for the emergence of more entrepreneurs. I have a professional certificate in entrepreneurship, but during those three months classes I didn't get the 'knock on the head' like I did in one day seminar with Godwin Uwuba'men.

He said "whether you like it or not, you will eventually work for yourself" how true is that!

Now I see my mom talk about her retirement and she's already planning the business to start! My former boss would say he is building his business so that he can have food on his table when he's old. What more push do I need? The time for us to find solutions or needs, and build a business on it is now!

The speaker also talked about creativity, explained what it means to be poor unlike the popular definition of what poverty represents, he explained value in depth, explained money and what it takes to raise capital.

I have said I won't be pouring out my notes but I will definitely write on some of the wisdom I got in future posts.

What more?

I'll say the meeting was divinely arranged for me, the speaker said when a man's freedom is taken away, his ability to be creative is also taken away. In my Masters class, I currently take a course- 'creativity at work' therefore I can relate with the things he said.

The seminar held on a Friday, it means I wouldn't have been able to make it if I was still in my former work place. Job has taken freedom from many of us. But I'll appeal to you that when you have that free time to squeeze out from your schedule or during weekends, kindly attend empowerment seminars like this. It launches you into the creative realm.

From my brief discussion with Olufunke Temenu, I have a lot to say about her passion but I'll safe it for now.... Anyway, I'm grateful to everyone who made the program a success! Much love!

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