Why you shouldn't live an anonymous life

Before I started my personal blog, I would described myself as a normal girl who followed the trends online. Though most times I tend to be witty, therefore I was having quite a number of people who enjoyed my jokes and friendliness.

When I knew I wanted to make a more serious contribution online, it was a bit of a struggle inside me as I was thinking some people may think I have suddenly turn weird...but here I am now. And this is exactly why I want to talk about living an anonymous life.

Why do some people prefer to live anonymously?

I remember a time in boarding school, some juniors who had been dealt with by a senior student would write anonymous letter to the principal and the senior would be punished!

I can't remember if the school authorities do investigate the matter before punishing the Senior but I remember the Seniors students were always afraid when the principal was about to read any anonymous letter. So I guess in the face of danger, going anonymous isn't a bad idea.

But there is a difference between going anonymous and living anonymous.

Recently I read an article written by a popular blogger who blogs anonymously. In the article, she talked on why she started her blog and her fears of coming out. From what she wrote, I would say staying anonymous isn't worth it.

Her family and friends doesn't know she blogs, sometimes people send her links to her own post to read, how funny is that. She has had to turn down invitations to events that could have given her a great networking opportunities because those who invited her wanted her to appear in person.

From what I sensed about this lady, the fear of people judging her because of the personal issues and experiences she had shared is tying her down.

After reading that article I could relate with her fears, who doesn't have a secret or a past that wants to be protected?

For the long run, I will say you can start anonymous but don't stay anonymous. The opportunities and impacts you will make far outweigh the fears that's keeping you hidden. I know this because I'm out!

Forget the media attentions or negative report that may want to show it ugly head. Focus on the blessing in it.

You see, you can be successful doing your thing anonymously (depending on your definition of success). But you can hardly become significant living anonymously.

I personally believe there is a limit to the impacts you can make living anonymously. You can share your story, and as much as I may be able to relate with you, you won't give me enough courage to overcome whatever it is I needed to overcome. Why? Because you are hidden! And it makes you look like a coward, so who is a coward to motivate me?

In conclusion, I would suggest we all go after purpose. A person who has discovered purpose and who is in alignment with his or her purpose need not hide.

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