Even if you don't like giving, you must give for these 3 reasons...

Sometimes ago, I wrote a post titled giving to connect. I am aware that some people don't like listening or reading about anything that talks about giving, I hope no one like that is reading this post because you may not like it.

I got inspiration about the three categories of people we are to give to.

1. The needy:
We already know we are suppose to give out of our abundance to people who are less privileged.

2. For blessings:
There are people you give to not because they are poor or because they asked from you, but you give to them because you want them to bless you. Just as Jacob laid down a delicious meal in front of his father and was able to stir blessings from Isaac is father.

I love doing some things for my mother because I just love the way she proclaim blessings when she's happy. I know she prays for her kids, but there is the part of stirring the blessings.

Your parents, pastors and someone you respect fall into this category.

3. To connect.
There are people you want to give to personally but you can't. Not because they don't need it, yes, they may be very wealthy but because they ain't just available anyhow.

These are the type of people you fill form and patiently wait for days before you can see them.

You may not be able to empty your account for the needy, but you are more than ready to empty your account for these people, why? Because you know the ground you are sowing into, and the principles that governs it.

How much do I want to give to Bishop Oyedepo? Tell me how expensive is the cloth I want to buy for Bill Gate that he cannot afford. But does that means I can't give them money or cloths? Or do you think they will frown and reject it? No, they will appreciate it and smile and I might have just opened for myself a new level of progress.

There is a grace at work in the life of excellent people, if you can't find them to give to them directly, then sow into their business, ministry or work, you can use that means to get to them.

In conclusion: Paying tithe and offering can never be old fashion as you are giving to God directly. Added to this is the wisdom to give to the three categories I listed up there.

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