Purpose discovery, the key to work-life synergy

In my last post, I took some time to explain work-life balance and concluded that it is a mirage. And it's amazing the number of works and research that has gone into work-life balance and most of the solutions offered looks more like treating the symptoms of a disease rather than the cause itself.

The concept of work-life balance makes you see your work as separate from your life. Whereas work-life synergy tells you everything about you (life) should be targeted towards a meaningful purpose.

How do you know if your present life is meaningful?

That you uphold certain moral values or religious beliefs doesn't mean you are making impart in this world. Until you discover your purpose you are only playing 'nice' or cultivating another person's field.

Not too long ago I did a research on life after retirement and I was disappointed at what I got. I know that's a long while for me, but I can't just imagine myself as the 'normal retiree'.

I have heard of people who never retired because they had earlier charted a meaningful course for themselves. Waking up everyday is fun because something new awaits them. I'm talking of people in their 80's and 90's!

Seth Godin once said "instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need escape from".

I'll never forget the day I heard this statement "Whether you like it or not, you will eventually work for yourself". It just tells me to make smart decisions now that I'm strong and viable.

Setting up a life that you don't need an escape from can only be actualized after you have discovered your purpose.

Why is so much importance placed on purpose?

- Your purpose will help you maximize your potentials
- Your purpose won't allow you to settle for less
- It will make you have a sense of fulfilment
- Etc.

Much more it will connect you with your maker (GOD), especially since your purpose is bigger than you.

In conclusion, just like purpose discovery can never be over emphasized, work-life synergy can also not be over emphasized.

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