Science may define you, but it is only your creator who has the final say over your life

I recently attended a seminar, the speaker while speaking on self awareness spoke against the melancholy personality. He said everyone should avoid the trait, and I was left to wonder if those who had melancholy as their dominant trait are not human.

You can say I'm writing this because I'm Mel-San (my melancholy trait is more dominant), but I am not that gloomy and depressed person!

I know myself well enough to not let anyone talk me down, but I only wondered if this man knew there were people in the audience whom his word could negatively affect and he would have just succeeded in spoiling their day.

I think more emphasize is supposed to be placed on how to bring out the good in people. I have always been self-motivated and optimistic, and my melancholy side has actually helped me to think and analyse situations well.

We are all humans that was wired differently by the creator, and to live a synergized life we need to be in harmony with the creator himself and live the spirit controlled temperament.

I have been lucky to take psychological courses that looked into the traditional views, Western views and religious views and I will say nothing superseded spirituality.

You see, science and magic does not utilize faith, it requires understanding. But we cannot live life base on what we have figured out alone, what we think is right or wrong.

Therefore that a study has been carried out to categorize men into four temperament doesn't mean that is all to them. Take a look at the biblical apostles and you will realized that with God, we are all wonderful beings.

I think the best advice I will give to anyone is to be in harmony with his creator, discover your purpose, live in alignment with your purpose and surrender everything to your creator. Remember that Science can only define you base on its findings but it is only God who has the final say over your life.

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