The mirage called work-life balance

The day I came across work-life balance during one of my personal research online, the phrase stood out for me so I decided to do a deep study on the topic. But the more I studied researches that had been carried out by professionals the more insatiable I became.

Later I realized work-life balance is more of a mirage. We can only dream about it not because it is too good to be true, but because it is simply a waste of time trying to achieve it.

You see, it doesn't make sense to separate work and life because even the work you do is part of your holistic being (life ).

Here are what I have discovered to be the major components of our life.

Life= Purpose+ Interests + relationship + career + Health + spirituality

Let's take the components one after the other:

1. Interests
This is your passion and hobbies, it is more of your play and life would be depressing without it.

2. Relationship
Family, friends, co-workers, spouse, and everyone we come in contact with falls into this category. How we relate with them and the precious time we share with them is of consideration here.

3. Career (work)
Job, education, business falls in this category. This feed you and pay your bills, it also fuels your ego.

4. Health
Your mental and physical wellness. You can aspire career success and some other type of successes because you are healthy enough to hope for them.

5. Spirituality
Your energy source and believe system. To some it means religion but it is much more than that.

6. Purpose
The reason you came to earth. This is the core of your being, and everything you become or do is suppose to align with your purpose.

Isn't it weird to focus on work and expect it to be on equal scale with the others?

Well, I guess many placed emphasis on work-life balance because it pays the bill, feed us and funds most things we proudly show off, and also the fact that we spend much time at work (job, office, business)

But I will rather we see life as a circle with purpose at the center and all others as a sector in it. Here we can now talk about work-life synergy, living a meaningful life rather than trying to balance something that cannot be balance.

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