Understand the situation before you react...

Have you seen the movie Southpaw? Pardon me for drawing illustration from a movie, I understand it's fictional but I have something to say, so I'll just start from there.

There was a scene in the movie where an upcoming boxer taunted the lead actor, when the guy saw it wouldn't get to the professional boxer he decided to take it more personal and called his wife a bitch. Guess what? He reacted, let hell loose and his precious wife died in the process.

You see, in my childhood we kids fight not because the abuser got to us with their insults, but because they mentioned our father or mother's name. Looking back, it looks funny but I tell you, it's a big temptation.

Call me names, insult me, I may not bulge but how dare you mention my mother or call my father name?... There was a time this thought line came to me and I concluded, I would never mind if anyone try that crap with me again, as far as I know it doesn't make my parents bad if anyone calls them that, but it wasn't enough to prevent me from reacting.

Recently, a friend shared a word of knowledge on her blog, talked about understanding the situation you are in before reacting. This made me realized if I had known that fact, I would definitely have saved myself a lot of stress in time past.

Just a little thinking time to process the situation would have saved many people from heart attack and murder.

This "understanding the situation first" doesn't applies to just when somebody is trying to get you upset. It can work in many other aspect of our life.

Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge, therefore how can you judge a situation right or wrong if you have not taken your time to process and gather facts about the situation?

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Unknown said...

A nice piece......I can conclude that Understanding the situation is the first step in building a healthier me.