Why you shouldn't build a brand on copycatting

I followed a friend to the university bookshop to get some books, while waiting I decided to scan around for books I might be interested to buy.

A book caught my attention: Rich youth Poor youth.

I thought "wow Robert Kiyosaki must have shared another powerful wisdom here". I checked the price and was almost deciding to buy it when I decided to do a quick scan of the book, I discover something was a little off about the book.

Then I noticed Robert didn't write it, the front cover design looked like that of Rich Dad Poor Dad book, but the author was different and it nearly fooled me to think maybe it was licensed by Rich Dad series.

I just had to drop the book when I discovered the foul game played by the author. In the business and investment world, no doubt, Robert Kiyosaki has become an authority and that's the reason anyone may want to copy him.

But even if you want to copy, you don't want to be a copycat. Copycatting is defined as the act of copying an idea without any ingenuity. You can only go far when you are you!

It is true that a great leader is made up of many other leaders, people who you have benefited or even copied from but developed on.

Seeing that level of copycatting made me drop the book. It somehow tells me the author isn't passionate about his subject, he is only interested in creating content for money.

What should we learn from people who are making waves where we want to be?

1. How they started
2. How they grew
3. How they built their empire

We don't won't to copycat and be an inferior version of them. You can't be an inferior version of you, but you can be an inferior version of another person.

I can buy a book title Rich Youth Poor Youth because you wrote something that will impart me, but when it is obvious that you are only interested in fooling people with another man's creation to sell your thing, then you did wrong.

Remember you can only fool people once. Why not discover your purpose, learn from others and build an empire on your lane?

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