Although I don't believe in God...

"How dare you talk to me about the existence of God! You are here smiling about a lipstick, obviously you've got no issues and you can believe whatever you want, including God! But just shut the hell up!!!"

Hmm.... Yes I got a 24hrs lipstick today, and I've been all smiles since I bought it. So you see, while settling down to write this post I can just imagine the lady whose story and words inspired this post telling me the above statement.

The day I read those words "Although I don't believe in God..." It pinched something in me, not because I'm a super-religion-lover who wants to prove the existence of God. Trust me, I could have just overlooked the statement as "one of those things" and move on.

But I can relate with the feeling, even though I do not share the same story with the lady. The lady who made those statement battles with a genetic disorder which made her not to have a womb and a lower vaginal. Now you know it's not a small issue.

I can imagine a girl who at onetime in her closet had hoped for a miracle, prayed to God to reveal Himself in a dream if truly he exist. But she woke up still in the same condition, nothing happened, nothing changed!

You see, even though I don't have the genetic disorder she has, yet I'm sure I and many of you reading this post have one time hoped to 'see God'.

Till date (except something happen), I have not heard any spectacular voice, seen any spectacular vision, saw Jesus or even an angel physically or in the dream. Yet I believe God exist and in him I put my trusts and hopes.

I didn't get to believe God simply because I was born in the church. Yes, it forged the path for me to know him but I came to discover Him on my own and it will be so ridiculous and dumb of me not to notice His hand around me and in my life.

I sincerely hope the lady whose words inspired this post will experience the joy of knowing God and experiencing His extravagant love.

I know there are many people who still hold that mindset that God doesn't exist. The devil has been on earth for over 3,000 years, he know how to play his game and trick us to believe science and not God rules the world.

Paul in the Bible had his 'torn in the flesh' yet was a mighty gospel ambassador. He never married, never had children but his name is written in the Bible, his achievement turned to sermon and as far as people preach Jesus and the gospel, Paul will be mention for his contributions.

This means that it doesn't matter who we are or whatever torn we have in the flesh, God has a purpose for our existence on earth and we can only live a fulfilling life if we believe that He exist and is the rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.

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