Become an expert with one message

Shortly after blogging idea came to me, I bought my domain name without a clear purpose of what to blog on!

Obviously, I bought the domain name because I loved the name and I didn't want someone else to get it before I did.

I knew I wanted to start a blog and I knew what I did not want to write on.

Yes, you read that right, I knew what I did not want even though I had not figured out what I wanted. So I spent six month deciding what to blog about.

Between those six months, I read a book by a popular blogger Yaro Starak, where he categorized blogs into two types; Magazine model and Expert models.

I had ventured into a magazine model style blog in 2011 (posting articles and reports from different sources), stopped after a few posts and that made me thought blogging was over for me. Not because the magazine model was bad, in fact there are lots of successful ones today, I was not just wired for it.

When the new love for blogging came, after reading Yaro's book, I knew I wanted the expert model, writing my contents, teaching, imparting lives on my blog and establishing myself as an expert in my field and to my audience.

I was not a writing guru, I preferred to talk than to write and I was not sure in which field I wanted to become an expert. I was not passionate about my first degree in plant science so I could not creat a blog on that.

I loved to inspire my friends, so I decided I would focus my post on inspirations as I am able to relate with on my blog, that does not really make me an expert but it was a good way to start and I enjoyed it. 

"Never stay fixed in what you hate doing, and hope what you love doing will seek you out. You do not want to spend your whole life wondering what is your purpose. Focus on what you love doing and what resonate with your heart and purpose will find you"- Tope Elizabeth

I was writing on different topics as I felt inspired, so I did not really lack what to write on but the disadvantage was that it did not establish me as an expert.

As I continued writing, I noticed my writings and life pursuits were shifting towards a direction: to guide people into purpose discovery and live a synergized life.

"Purpose produce message and go on to produce expert"

Not only I'm I able to inspire and build people, it's fun to operate in my purpose. I can reel out different topics, talks, books, videos, and lots more and still enjoy doing them because I have a message.

I have seen businesses failed, Ministry disappeared, blogs stopped and people committed suicide. Maybe some lost it because there was an auction but no message and maybe some lost it because they wanted to be like the Jones and loosed focus of their message, I would not know.

Yet, I have seen people, churches, businesses, careers going from strength to strength and surviving generations and even though many are reinventing themselves, still the message has not changed.

What is your message to humanity?

Discover purpose, and you will get a message.

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