Check check check if you feel...

Adam Leipzig once said that when he went for his university reunion, after talking with his old friends, he discovered eighty percent of them were not happy with their lives.

They were not unhappy because they were poor or unsuccessful...hmm, these were Harvard graduates, holding respectable positions in governments and in their respective careers. They were the envy of some and the hopes of others. Yet these people that others sees as 'successful' are not happy with their lives. Why?

Have you been to a party or a group meeting before and you felt it should not end or you said something like "life should just continue like this". Why?

Are you always afraid or too bored to stay alone? Because what is suppose to be a thinking time is a worrying time and that is the reason why you loved to be in the company of people?

Are you constantly worried about life and what it has for you?

Do you lack the inner peace?

Well, St. James and Bjorklund suggested in their book:

"Either God is checking our spirit that we're making a wrong choice or Satan is attacking us to prevent the fulfillment of our purpose"

John Maxwell said we have two void in our heart that we must fill.

- God-size void
- Life-mission size void (purpose)

If you have filled the two, then maybe you should consider St. James and Bjorklund suggestion. If not, fill the voids.

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