How to use greedy institutions to your advantage

"I feel like I'm shrinking, I just want to take a break from everything and everyone. Is that even possible?"

"No, my dear you can't take a break from everything, that can only be happen in death. I know you are feeling the stress but I'm sure you still want to live, make impacts and enjoy the beautiful things that life has to offer, right?"

If your answer is yes, then this post is for you. There are stressors everywhere! You can't run away from them and at the same time you can't continue living like that!

Today I want to consider an important topic that I think you all should know: Greedy institutions.

As much as we are offended by the greed of these institutions because of the demands it places on us, yet we are beneficiaries of these institutions.

Lets face it, our family, religion, schools, workplaces, associations, etc are all greedy institutions. I'm sure we can all identify with at least one or more of the ones listed above.

It will be of great benefit to put this information in your mind, not necessarily so that you can create a balance between them, but so that you can ask the question of how they fill you, your contributions to them and how it serves your purpose.

You see, trying to balance all as a way of reducing stress is not only ridiculous but also a waste of energy. This is why I advocate purpose discovery as a key to living a synergized life.

Purpose discovery is necessary because it guides your commitments, it won't allow you to pop, burst, or stretched beyond your limit. Especially on something that is not your field.

T.D Jakes once said "close the gap between where you get your money and where you are committed to"

Let me use myself as example here, currently I'm committed to my blog, writings, online business, my church's media department and my masters program. Among other things, these are the major things that I give my time to, for now.

I don't try to seek a balance between them, because I don't see them as conflicting one another. Rather, I work more on the synergy between them.

When I started my full time masters program, because I have to follow the university's lecture time table, my scheduled changed. Because of the distance from school to house, I was always too tired to write a blog post and as such my blog was affected and my church activities was affected and even I was stressed.

But I didn't drop one for the other because I know my purpose in life, and the role each institution I belong to is contributing to it. Though my scheduled changed but my commitment did not change.

I moved to the school hostel, learnt to scheduled posts. My church media department activities which ranges from social media activities, tweeting, graphics designs and video Editting, taking online courses etc, is important to me because it not only contribute to my skills and talent, I also learn from other members and I apply it to my own media business.

You see, I have seen the pressure of family (marriage and motherhood) weighs on people. But you can't abandon all your life aspirations because of that, your purpose in life will help you to synergize your life and break free from anything that doesn't add any benefit to you!

In conclusion, if you noticed I tried to use two words separately, Balance and Synergy. I believe trying to find a balance in the midst of our greedy institutions will make you feel like you are compelled as a slave with no choice other than to break free.

But synergy makes sure everything you are committed to is in alignment with your purpose and it gives you wisdom to prevent yourself from getting choked, but also helps you to live your life to the fullest!

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