What talent and skill should you develop?

If you ask some persons what they love to do, they will say "sleeping". Sleeping is not difficult for them as they can sleep while standing! they can sleep without closing their eyes, they can sleep with their neck stand-stilled.

They are talented and skillful sleepers. Yes, I believe it is a gift because they aren't suffering from insomnia. Let's think of it some spends heavy cash in form of medical bills before they can sleep!

Yet, this isn't the skill or talent you want to maximize, as I doubt where it will take you.

When talking about talents and gifts, I believe there are some people who feels they have no special talents and those who feels they have so much that they don't know what to do with it.

There are psychological reasons behind these beliefs, but I don't want to go into that, I just want to give you what you need.

Take a look at the famous personalities in the world, ranging from politicians who sweet-talks us with their charisma, to artist who captivate us with their voice and dance.

What talents and skills have these people developed?

It is the one that delivers the effect!

What you and I are after is the effect. Look at Michael Jackson, was it just music and dance? No, but he had developed those skills so well that it had a magical effect on his audience.

Developing a talent and skill should not be all about the money. I know you want that.

But the effect is the value, and that is where the money lies. And it takes creativity to bring about an effect, but you cannot have an effect if you don't care about others.

If you are still wondering what talent or skill to develop, then it is time to discover purpose. Purpose will give you a message or passion, and that will determine the effect you what to create.

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