How to use nervousness as a tool for success

It is true that you are calm and relax when you have mastered your crafts. Yet, while watching talent shows, I see people who though possess talents and know what to do, still they were nervous. I know we can justify it by saying, they were nervous because of the judges and the audience.

In one of Beyonce interview she said she loves to feel nervous before her performance as it tells her she is on to something unique, and I guess that is why she is still on top of her game.

Do I need a survey to estimate the number of people who had backed down, kept quiet because they were nervous? No, I do not think so.

I remembered a case that happened when I was doing my professional entrepreneurship program. There was this group that was meant to present something on stage, one of the members was supposed to talk but she kept quiet.

Her colleagues were urging her, she kept quiet for so long that we thought she didn't know what to say. Eventually, when she opened her mouth, she said something meaningful, but instead of us clapping for her, many of us were angry. We thought, if you knew the answer all along why waste our time?

I have been nervous, and I don't think I want to stop been nervous, for a good cause anyway.

Considering my studies on creativity, I think nervousness can indicate that you have something new up your sleeve.

This type of nervousness is not because you don't know your onions. It is not because you are afraid of the crowd or how people might judge you. But a nervousness that comes because you are creative.

Many people have the same talent and skills that you have, some might even have added more knowledge and have become experts, but for you to be appreciated, you will need the "wow effect". And to have this kind of influence you must be creative. It may therefore be normal that you become nervous.

Somebody said, work until fear becomes boldness. If I will add to this, I will say work hard, push past your knowledge, until nervousness confirms your creativity.

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