One important quality of the emerging entrepreneur

There are many business owner as there are many entrepreneurs but there is a distinction between the two. The former sees a profitable market and ventures into it, while the later identify an opportunity, generate an idea and takes calculated risk.

Go to any supermarket, the numbers of similar products you will see simply tells you more about the business man.

This is not to say that business men are not creative in their strategies, no, at least we see some levels of thoughts in their designs and packages.

Going by human nature, we need business men because we love varieties, we love having choices. Why should I stick with Coke and not Pepsi or any other similar soft drinks? But too many choices wearies the soul.

Entrepreneurs are fresh breath, they give us new products because we are insatiable. We have issues!

But who are the emerging entrepreneurs?

They are not just the creative ones who spotted opportunity and took actions. They are those who have discovered purpose, created a product of value, set-up a business that solves a problem or meets a need and they make profit in return.

The difference between the old entrepreneur and the new entrepreneur is purpose. One is based on intuition, the other is purposeful. Yet, both are creative.

Why do I recommend purposeful entrepreneur? Given the fickleness of human nature and the rate of copycatting in the market, purpose fuels your creativity and innovation.

Excuse me! Life is not always black and white, it is not always nice!

More so, creativity is not always nice, you can create a product and it can spark a new idea in me, I can then innovate on yours and send you out of the race!

We are in modern/computer age because some persons were creative and innovative.

But a purposeful entrepreneur is like one who brings out water, you can steal his well, he will make a dam, make a lake and go on to make a river. Why?

It was not about the well, dam, lake or river. It is about the water. The water is in him! He will always find a way to express it.

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