Passion is not enough but it is a prerequisite

One of my colleagues, during a group discussion talked on when her former boss wanted to start a certain business, he was very passionate about his idea that he did not listen to her advice.

Since he refused to listen to my colleague advice but went ahead to pump money into the business, she decided to go on with his plan, but she said she made sure she kept every records and receipts just to prove a point later.

When it was obvious they were running at a loss. She presented her data and repeated her strategy, and now, the boss was ready to follow her strategy. She then made a statement and said "passion alone is not enough to start a business, you need a profit strategy".


In school, we use to have courses that were prerequisite, if you don't pass them you can't do the next advance course.

Passion is not enough, but it is a prerequisite.

My colleagues then said, do you know you can start a successful business without being passionate about it?

I replied yes, it is possible but you won't last as you need passion to sustain your interest.

It is foolishness to start a business with only passion and no profit strategy. You should have called it a charity or a nonprofit organization, if you are not interested in making money. But it will be depressing on the long run if you start a business with a great profit margin and strategy but lacks passion.

To confirm this, my colleague said she left her job because she was not passionate about what she was doing. Even though the money was good, she was getting an A in her appraisals and they were paying for her to have professional and international qualifications, but the moment she had something to use as an excuse to leave, she left!

It sounds crazy, but I get her. This can also happen in a business.

Remember, though passion is not enough, it is a prerequisite.

But how do you develop passion?

You first need to discover purpose, as purpose will help you develop, fuel, foster and nurture your passion.

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