What is your mental agenda?

I'm late on movies, I know, and that is why I recently watched the movie, London has fallen. I have heard people talk about the movie, how interesting it was and how nice it will be nice to view it on 3D.

Like the saying goes, "when all you have is an hammer, everything looks like a nail", that was why the two notable things that resonated with me from all the actions and dramas was the words Mike Banning (acted by Gerard Butler) said to his new born baby "I wonder what you are going to be passionate about".

The second one was the words of VP Allan Trumbull ( acted by Morgan Freeman) "...we live in a dangerous world and we have few good options, but the worst option is to do nothing...we owe it to our children and to their children, to engage in the world"

This two words says much about passion and purpose. After this movie, I had to take a look at my baby picture that was displayed in the living room and after admiring my cuteness...LOL, I imagined saying to that baby girl, "I wonder what you will be passionate about, and what you will do to engage in the world".

I'm happy I was smiling while I imagined myself saying that to my little self.

Sometimes ago, I read about Dylann Roof, the young man that opened fire on black people during a prayer service inside Emmanuel Africa Methodist Episcopal church and killed nine people.

You see, this guy was passionate about starting a civil war, he had done many researches on blacks killing whites and developed a strong desire to fight back.

Looking at his family background story, his dealings with drugs and alcohol, we can say the devil simply found a home in him.

There are many cases of whites killing Blacks and vice versa. It was just unfortunate, that instead of Dylann looking for a way to bring peace, love and unity, he was passionate about the wrong cause.

In life, we need what I will term a mental agenda, this is what you and I are set out to do in this world. We should not be that person who is tossed about by everything that happens in life. There is a reason God put you and I here and until that purpose is discovered, channeling your energy on the right cause might be difficult.

Let's do this exercise: Do you still have your baby picture? Take a look at it, look at the innocent you, before life started dealing with you and you started dealing with life. Is the course you are on now, the ideology you currently work with, what you would have wished your baby self?

If yes, fire on. If no, there is no time for regret, discover purpose and start living the life that synergizes with it.

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