When I say faith, I mean faith

Sometimes ago, I was having a group discussion with some of my colleagues, we were discussing on how to overcome barriers to innovation. I suggested that one of the qualities a person that wants to succeed as an innovator should have is faith.

One of my colleagues then said faith is too strong as it bends towards religion, and she went further to suggest that as professionals we should rather use the word 'determined' or 'persistence'.


I understand the angle she was coming from, but determination and persistence cannot be use as a substitute for faith, they are attributes of faith.

I do not have to be religious to explain faith. I recently listened to the interview of a popular actress on radio, she talked of when she was training to be an actress, the years she spent, the challenges and the disappointments she faced. But she kept believing that one day her works will be appreciated and she would be well known.

That is faith! She believed. Believe, is the missing ingredient in persistence and determination.

When you have faith, you are not working blindly even though you are yet to get the physical evidence of what you desired.

Not too long ago, I was planning to pay for something important, I had plan on how to save up but things didn't eventually go as I planned.

As fate would have it, on a certain day I got a call that I won the second place in the Benue state award, for a business-plan competition I had participated in during my NYSC service year about a year and half ago.

I had left the state after my service year was over, and forgotten about the competition as I had counted it as "one of those things" since there was no feedback from the officials as at the time I was serving.

But after I got the call, my details was verified and I was ask to send my bank details...bam! My account was credited the next day. And not only was I able to pay my bills, I was able to open a fixed deposit account!

Sometimes later, while searching for a particular information in one of my books, I saw a question I had answer in a book titled "The parable of dollar" by Sam Adeyemi. He asked "if you received a financial miracle, how would you handle it?"

He said we should list six things, and the first thing I wrote was invest in fix deposit. Isn't that what I did? I was a little surprise and I smiled when I saw that, because I had forgotten. I only fixed the money for a different reason.

There is this scripture that came to my mind after I got the money "You will not see wind, nor will you see rain, yet that valley shall be filled with water so that you, your cattle and your animal may drink"- 2King 3:17.

Faith is not an excuse for mediocrity, I do my things with a believe that one day, the things I needed would show for me.

Faith is faith, if you allow anyone to talk you out of it, you are on your own! The actress I mentioned earlier, said some of her mates who couldn't stand the heat and left the kitchen, later asked her after her career picked up, if there is a way they could come back.

I got my money after almost one and half years after service, who did I call among the colleagues I served with? Nobody owes me any call!

As a personnel psychologists, I understand when my colleague said faith is a strong word. Yes, because it is what it is, no substitute.

When I said faith, I meant faith!

In conclusion, discovering purpose will make it easy for you to grab the concept of faith. Have you discover purpose?

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