Being true to yourself comes from purpose discovery

I do have this feeling that highly educated people cannot be wrong, I believed they were suppose to talk and write from a wealth of information and knowledge.

But after I read an article by a professor that said being true to oneself is applicable to only people like Oprah, I knew I was wrong to think highly educated people are always right.

Although I got the professor's points, he talked of how people don't want to see your true self...hmm, but he went on to quote Oprah:

"I certainly had no idea that being your authentic self could get you as rich as I have become...if I'd know that, I'd have tried it lot earlier"

The professor who is also a psychologist made it look like our weakness is our authentic self. No, our weakness is not our true self, our potentials is: those things we can become are pointers to our true self which comes from a spiritual and life mission awareness.

Oprah did not get to be well known because of her display of emotion, but from a purposeful lifestyle.

During her lifetime achievement award she said she once prayed "God use me, use this life, I don't know what the futures has for me but I know that there is vision for my life that is greater than my imagination can take, use me. What would you have me do?"

That is both a spiritual and purpose-seeking prayer!

The professor talked about the things he does that he would not be able to do if he had stayed true to himself. For example, he said as an introvert and one who was terrified of public speaking, he would not have been considered for a TED talk.

The reason why I said been true to oneself, comes from purpose discovery is because a sense of who you are, what you are wired to do and those you are called to serve, will help you to move past your personal barriers, because having what I call a 'mental agenda' will help you develop yourself and the skills that will help you bring about a desired effect.

I feel the professor was suppose to use the phrase "Normal self" rather than "True self". Our normal self comes from how we perceive ourselves, when you only decide to focus on yourself. But your true self comes from the unlimited power that lies within you, when you decides to be useful to others and to your environment.

In conclusion, the professor said we are suppose to live from the outside in, rather from the inside out. I do not accept this as well, only a purposeless person continue to live solely on the influences of his environment and relationships.

I believe we are suppose to adjust to our environment and relationships but we should move ahead to be something more, add value and become the agent of change.

A person who conform to just anything due to pressures or other people's expectations needs to get a life. And no one can get a life without having discovered purpose.

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