How to reconstruct your passion and empower others

After a friend heard my view on domestic violence, she said I spoke like I had a bitterness in my heart. Well, I never had a violent childhood, yet I detest the idea of people staying in a destructive and emotional draining relationships.

It is said that your passion is either what you love or what you hate. If I am to go with my hatred for domestic violent, I probably should be writing articles on it, carry placards and organize a rally, become a family lawyer and argue every domestic violent cases that comes my way.

But I have come to realized that deliverance is not the same as freedom. I may have the power to deliver a person but not be able to free the person. Freedom comes form the mental faculty, it is psychological.

Of what use is delivering a person from one demon and leave them to be possessed with seven more dangerous demon?

I can't stand domestic violence, depression, poverty and hopelessness. I can decide to form an organization that will create awareness, fight the governments or anyone that takes away other people's right for a happy and fulfilling life. I can also decide to empower others with the right information and techniques that will help them make better choices.

I chose the later, and this way, I won't just be emotionally driven and drain myself of my powers, but I will be purpose driven and impact lives.

Life should be lived strategically and purposefully. It is good to stand against something but it is better when you are known for what you stand for.

I stand for guiding others to discover their purpose, to become creative and live their life to the fullest. That is my way of empowering others, so that they can be free and make better choices in life.

Your passion has been given to you for a purpose, which I believe involves you empowering others.

It is true that some lives depends on you, not only for you to deliver them but to free them from their bondage. I hope you take a stand now, will you?

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