If it is your calling, just do it

Don't you just like the Nike slogan "just do it"? It's motivating.

You see, sometimes ago I was concerned that my writings may be seen as religious because I tend to use Bible quotations and God where it is appropriate.

I simply could not find a better way to express my points if I do not write the way I felt led to write. But when I started noticing that people that inspires me also quote scriptures and mention God and yet they did not lose their fan base, I became more comfortable.

Do not get me wrong, I am not trying to hide my faith, I was just trying to be professional about it, I seem to forgot that if I really wanted to help my readers, I have to be real.

And to be real means not trying to dilute or manipulate my message for any selfish reason.

I recently read an article on how to generate good posts for a blog. The writer talked about scanning similar articles online that will inspire you, I smiled when I read that because I don't do that, yet I have been able to write several blog posts and have books I am working on.

Well, I am not a maverick neither am I a know all. I read and study for my personal development not because I want to generate a blog post, I only write as I am inspired.

And because of this, whenever I go back to read my previous articles, I still learn from them. At times, I wondered the planet I was in when I got the idea.

I am not bluffing, I have simply come to realized that to be successful or significant in your field, you need a mental agenda that comes from a sense of purpose.

Before I started my blog and at the early stage of my blog, I wanted to satisfy many people and I was concerned with doing many things right.

Now I know my niche, I am focused on feeding my audience with the right thing.

When you know your call, just do it.

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