Life starts afresh the moment you discover purpose

I recently got a book that talked about certain things to know before age twenty five. It was the title that attracted me and after I checked the table of contents, I decided to buy it, even though I am over that age.

I have already come across all of the things listed in the book, but I did not know all before I clocked 25, I knew most after I clocked 25.

You see, I strongly believe that God orchestrate things for us, we might have missed it at some point because of our foolishness but when you get it, you get it.

I have read books that talks about the things you must achieve before a certain age, I am not saying it is a bad idea, but I am saying your life does not necessarily have to follow that path.

I remember a popular motivational speaker once said something about the founder of KFC, Harland Sanders, starting the business at the age he personally can't enjoy eating his own chicken the way he would have loved it. The speaker then advice people to start things early.

Let's think of it, what if KFC was not birthed? The hundreds of thousand people it employed today would probably be jobless. What is the assurance that if the founder had started the restaurant earlier, KFC will still be standing?
This is why I don't like motivational speeches that puffs people without the capacity to transform them.

Do not get me wrong, I am not encouraging mediocrity. I just have a strong passion to help people overcome depression that comes as a result of failures and hopelessness, especially when a person feels he or she has not reached the level set for them by the society.

Left to me, I will say everyone's life achievement should be measured at the moment they discovered their life purpose not before it.

The only thing I see as a disaster is the person who has discovered purpose but knowingly walked away from it. I think anyone who does that needs counseling and prayers but even at that, there can always be a come back.  

I have come to realized that we are humans with flesh, blood and water, and we can miss it. That is why we need the spirit of God more than ever before, to help our weaknesses.

The world has it yardstick for measuring success. But you can't always outrun your destiny, you are not a failure because you have not acquired certain things before a certain age. All you need is to discover your purpose and work in alignment with it, then you can say your life has started.

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