The reason why life should not be business as usual!

On one of those days when I decide to check out some notable personalities on the web, especially when I hear something new about them. That was how I decided to check out a popular artist on YouTube.

A life performance video for one of her explicit songs came up, and out of curiosity I decided to view it. That day, I learnt a very important lesson on the roles we play in other peoples lives.

Before she started her performance, she asked how many people were over 25 years old, many shouted, then she asked how many people were below 25 years, more people shouted, she further asked how many people were below 21 years, there were also shouts from the crowd. I could see the surprise looks on her face, she then advised the youngsters to go to school.

But she went on with her raunchy performance, It was business as usual I guess. I had gotten something, and I really did not need to continue watching.

I don't blame the artist for performing something explicit in front of those young people, if you asked her what she was doing, she would probably say she is into entertainment business and they came. She did not dragged them or forced them out of their house.

We have seen the effects of sex, curse and drugs hyping songs on the lives of the youths in our society. The rapes, crimes, addictions, children born outside wedlock, divorce, poverty and depressions. I do not think I should continue counting.

You see, I do not see all these stopping overnight, but I see many people who would be saved and delivered, because people like you and I will not see life as 'business as usual' but we will take actions to be engaged positively in this world.

What is your role? What problem are you out to solve?

You see, I know I am out to inspire and build people, but it took me time to figure out exactly the problems the cumulative effects of what I am doing is solving. Now I know I am preventing and saving lives from depression and hopelessness.

I can relate with what I am doing, I have seen depression and hopelessness at work before, my Father was depressed and committed suicide as a result of it. I know how it feels to go to school, study a course you are not passionate about and wondered what life had in stored for me.    

But I have come to realized that this is what it means to be dealing with our humanity, but thanks to God who has helped us to overcome, and empowered us with grace and abilities to help others.

You can help more people when you know your niche, those who you are wired to serve and connect with. Therefore if you do not want to see life as business as usual, then you have got to take a stand, discover purpose and do something good!

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