Your purpose includes you, but it is not all about you

I recently heard a lady proclaim "your purpose is not about you, it is for you to transform lives, to answer a question, to provide a solution..."


I studied agriculture in my first degree but I do not plan on building a career in that line. I remember when I fantasied about having a big farm, it was simply so that I could employ the refugees and homeless people I see around, I would imagine building an estate on the farm where the people would live, pay their rents and educate their kids from the wages they earned on the farm.

I was not passionate about the business aspect and neither was I interested in the farm produce. If I should venture into agriculture as a career simply because of my passion to help the refugees and the homeless, I doubt it if I will be fulfilled. Therefore, my fantasy is not enough to identify by purpose.

It is no doubt that many people are asking how they can discover their purpose. This was one question I had to extensively conduct a personal research on when I started talking about purpose discovery.

I had heard people described purpose as passion, talent and dream, then I wondered if my purpose is only about me. After I heard another person described purpose as mainly my service to others with no connection to me, I felt this is the reason why many people will keep questioning their purpose.

Your purpose may not be all about you, but it includes you. The key word here is "all".

When Iyanla Vanzant said "put yourself first", she couldn't be more right. It is not about being selfish, it is about having a sound health and mental well-being that you needs to fulfill your purpose and also ensures that your life is in alignment with your purpose. You don't want to be a borrowed vessel for purposeful people.

Your purpose include you and those you are serving. This simply means it starts with you and evolves to others.

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