Don't chicken out of life! It is your work, do it

In my post titled "looking for a life partner? Firstly get your work right", I made a big assertion that both men and women were created for work. Everything we do is work.

The day I made this discovery that everything we do is work, it has helped me to see life in a new perspective. Moreover, as a work-life strategist it has helped me to shape my career and give expression to my calling.

I recently saw an episode of TD Jakes show where he counseled some couples with marital issues, I was so touched by the episode that I wondered how God can use me to help.

Let me say this, I am not a marriage counselor. And as I have said before I don't think I have a specific calling in that area. But I know that what I do can be influential in helping people in every aspect of their lives. Therefore, after that episode I went on my kneels to pray and ask God how he will use me to help relationships.

You see, because I talk a lot on purpose discovery I can say how your family-life can affect your work (purpose). But I also need to tell you how you can align your relationship with your purpose, this is where I needed God to show me more light.

In my previous posts on work-life, I have written on work-life balance and work-life synergy and I have made it clear that work does not only mean your job, career and business. Even though the posts will help you in those area of your life.

Your true work is your discovered purpose, the value you are adding to others, and that earns you a living. It is the reason why you were created. I would at this point say work-life is in two context. The world context, and the God context. Let me explain.

1. Work-life in the world context
Here we talk of Job, career and business as an aspect of your life and how it relates with other aspect of your life.

Life here is an interrelated set of elements which are interests, relationships, work (job, career, business), health, spirituality and purpose as to how it functions as a whole.

You need to understand the concept of work-life balance and work-life synergy to function in the world context.

2. Work-life in the God context

In one of my previous posts, I explained how both the first man and woman were created for work.

The life here is the Zoe life, the God kind of life. When God breathe into you and made you a living being, that was life. And the life was given for a purpose.

The sole purpose of your life is to glorify God. You have been endowed with gifts, given a specific calling (purpose) and the Holy Spirit is made available to you to help you do the work. The work is to give God glory.

"In God I live, move and have my being"- Acts 17:28

This verse simply says that you live (not just because of the breath of life but because of the life of God in you as a regenerated man), and that you move means that you work, which are your acts (even in physics, work is not done if there is no movement). Your 'being' here refers to your essence, which is your calling (purpose).

In the God context, everything you do and every relationships you enter, is a part of the plan. Therefore even your marriage is a work, because you work in it (raising your kids, connecting with your in-laws, etc) and you also work on it (building a strong family bond).

Couples divorce when they feel there is no work that can be done to redeem the marriage. Some people also commit suicide when they feel there is no work left to be done (there is no reason to live anymore).

You have to understand that we function in these two context. Although God created the world, it assumes a neutral system. We the people of different races, beliefs and lifestyles have come together to make it work, by having governments and constitutions.

In the world, there is a distinct between your work and other aspects of your life, but purpose gives it meaning. In God, your work is all about Him.

In the world, we operate and are judged by it constitutions. In God, we operate and are judged by His word (Revelation 20:12-13).

In conclusion, I believe my ability to show you that we were created for work can help married couples and unmarried people in relationships to see it as a work to be done, and as one of the requirements in fulfilling their life's call.

I hope people who are suicidal can work with this revelation and take responsibility, so as to live their lives to the fullest. Once again, please don't chicken out of life, do your work.

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