How to develop positive thoughts in hard time

For sometimes now, I kept hearing this word from different people "this country is spoilt".

It is true that things are not working the way it should be. So many people are frustrated, people are being laid off from their jobs, workers are being owed their salaries, beggars are on the increase and the future looks dim to many people.

Even though deep down we know it will not always be like this, but the problem is that we don't know when the change we hoped and prayed for will come.

The question now is who will safe us?

But I think before you get the answer to that person that will safe you. First of all, why not safe yourself?

The different behaviors we elicit, simply shows how we are reacting to the situations around us. I believe we are in hard time, not spoilt time. And in this hard time, even though you cannot change everything, yet you can always change your thoughts.

This is because, in hard times, your thoughts is all that you have. Your thoughts determines what flows in and out of your life. Your thoughts will safe you.

Let me quickly highlight what positive thoughts will do for you before I go on to how you can have positive thoughts.

1. Stress is an inevitable part of life, but positive thoughts can help you turn distress to eustress.

2.  Positive thoughts boost you creativity, and you need to be creative to live successfully.

3. Positive thought will help you to be healthy, both mentally and body-wise.

There are many things that positive thoughts can do for you, I have only streamlined it to the ones I listed above.

How can you develop positive thoughts?

It is said that our thoughts are formed from three constructs: Perception, Perspective and Paradigm.

Your duty now is how to positively align the three constructs for your goodness. I will share two ways I have helped myself so far.

1. Study and pay attention to the end

While reading psychological texts, I read that most of the discoveries in mental health were gotten from studying and treating clients with mental disorder, while positive psychology studied successful and self-actualized people.

I just figured out I needed to study and pay attention to certain things too. For example, I pay attention to life after retirement, old age, and successful people.

It is my way of saying this present condition shall pass, but how would it have affected me if I allowed it?

2. Made the words of God my validation.

What can I do without the word of God guiding me and validating my thoughts?

Let me share two scriptures that have cemented my positive thoughts :

- "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end". Jeremiah 29:11

I can write on and on to explain this as I have being inspired. But I will just say meditating on this scripture has thought me to understand the situation and know what is worth fighting for and what is not.

- "Write down the things which you have seen, the things which are and the things which shall be"- Revelation 1:19

I have discovered this to be vision, present state and mission. You see, your thoughts can cloud your present state so much that you lose the sight of your vision and mission.

In conclusion, in hard times, don't go about confessing the wrong words. Remember this is life, and it entails us dealing with our humanity.

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