If you don't want to be motivated into poverty, set your priority right

There was this day a friend wanted to test me, to know if I see a bright future ahead of me. He asked for the type of car I see myself driving, I said as of now, I don't mind a comfortable car that I can maintain. He then gave me a speech on visualization and the law of attraction.

Well, I told him I am not ignorant of the law of attraction and just because I did not mention a luxurious car does not mean I have a low future expectation.

Some couple of years ago, I listened to a popular and influential Bishop say when he was in college, many of his mates talked about the type of expensive cars they hope to drive, but he never had those material goals. I remember feeling skeptical as I felt he was speaking against people having big dreams.

But now I know better, and that is the reason I didn't feel like I was not serious about life because I did not mention a big car. You see, some times ago a big dream for me use to be material possessions, but that did not change because I became hopeless, it changed because I know material possessions is the result of a higher life. So why not visualize and work towards a higher life rather than spend my time thinking about frivolities?

Why did I say frivolities?

You see, I have seen wonders happen, I have received things and made useful connections because someone considered me valuable. Therefore my priority is to remain valuable, to spend my time developing myself and invest in others. That way I can become whatever I want to be and be a part of circles I never imagined!

"Seek first the kingdom...other things shall be added unto you!"

Motivational speeches that teaches visualization and law of attraction is good but it is not good enough if it does not tell you those things that truly matters. It is no lie that people can read books, attend seminars and be motivated into poverty.

How can you set your priority straight?

Imagine you built a business empire like microsoft, Dangote and facebook, the material things has no choice than to flow in!

You cannot set your priority right if you have not discover your purpose in life. Knowing your field and what to cultivate on it is the beginning of a higher life. Thirst for it, seek first the kingdom and watch those material blessings flow in.

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