Is Work-Life Balance no longer a mirage?

Sometimes ago I wrote a post where I called work-life balance a mirage. And after my last post titled: Is my life in my work or my work in my life?, where I concluded that work-life balance and work-life synergy can be achieved in an atmosphere of love and a sense of purpose, I felt I needed to write a new post to clarify if I no longer see work-life balance as a mirage.

There is this question I use to have difficulty answering when asked: "Can you have it all?"

Now, I'll say "yes I can have it all, maybe not at a time, but eventually I can have it all". Therefore, if I can have it all, can I then have a balanced work-life? Yes!

Am I countering myself? Is work-life balance no longer a mirage like I said before? Well, I'll say it is not a mirage for everyone. Note that I said everyone. The perspective from which we view work-life balance matters a lot here.

When you try to place work which is one aspect of your life on an equal scale with other aspects of your life in terms of time and energy expended, then of course it becomes a mirage.

In previous posts, I said life is the combination of purpose, interests, health, career, spirituality and relationships. Therefore it is impossible to apportion the same amount of time and energy for all. But in terms of mental well-being and capacity, yes you can. Isn't that the attribute of an adjusted person?

If the goal of preaching work-life synergy is to make you attach meaning to your work, which is possible when you are living in alignment with your life purpose. Then it is possible to have a balanced work-life in terms of mental well-being and capacity.

The one more reason why work-life balance can be a mirage is because it takes two to tango. All things been equal, your organization must actively support work-life balance packages and encourage work-life synergy.

This is why I said in an atmosphere of love and a sense of purpose, work-life balance and work-life synergy is possible.

Take work-life synergy away, then work-life balance becomes a mirage.

The reason why I seem to place more emphasis on work-life synergy as a success tool for individuals is because it helps to be hopeful, gives the needed courage and faith to leave a limiting and mentally depleting workplace for a better environment and position.

In conclusion, organizations are made up of people, policies are made by people and systems are run by people. If everyone of us, including the CEOs, board of directors, managers and staffs can function from a work-life synergy mindset, then achieving a work-life balance in terms of mental well-being and capacity should not be a difficult thing.

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