Become a stronghold that creates wealth

After I heard someone mentioned that everyone should create a financial exist plan for their work and business, I reasoned with it and loved the idea. Moreover, I had jotted a phrase that says “if you don't have a retirement plan at 38, it becomes a problem".

Even though I have not clocked 38 years, yet I became concerned. That night I knelt down and prayed that God should reveal to me a financial exist strategy. But while praying it occurred to me that I was not praying the right prayer.

I realized that people who are after jobs and career will one day need to retire. But those who follow purpose and have become a stronghold in their area of calling do not retire.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying you should not have a financial plan. I am saying purposeful people earn till they die and leaves wealth for the next generation.

I looked at the purposeful people that inspires me, they have multiple streams of income and passive income inclusive, yet they have not retired.

Strongholds do not retire!

What makes a person a stronghold?

I once shared a quote here by Godwin Uwuba'men that says "eventually, everyone will work for themselves". These people have not only been working for themselves, they have also become an authority in their field.

We go to them when we need certain shacks. They are like light bulbs, no matter where we fly to eat, we come back to them. Therefore we do not have any choice than to pay them what they deserves.

How can you become a stronghold?

I have heard motivational speeches that says you can become whatever you want to be (...Hmm, this is why I do not like motivational books and speeches that do not clarifies things).

But the correct statement should be that you can become who God has created you to be.

It is said that if you continuously practice something for ten years you will become an expert. It is also said that if you spend about one and half hour each day studying a profession for three years, you will become an authority in the field.

You see, I love music, I love to dance but my interest in it does not pass my room and church. How will it look if I decided to devote the next ten years practicing and studying music and dance? Will I become better than Beyonce and Michael Jackson?

If yes, if no, how much more will it profit me if I discover purpose, know what I am wired for and created to do in this life and devote those same amount of time or every day of my life pursing purpose?

Therefore, I will say discover purpose, be creative in your field and you will become a stronghold that creates wealth.

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