Excuse me madam! I need a purpose, not just a goal

I Recently watched a presentation by a woman, whose name I will not mention. I actually decided to watch the clip because I thought if the husband is inspirational, then the wife should also be an inspiration but I was disappointed.

You see, she started well, she talked about the obstacle we faced on our way to achieve our goals, then she said she doesn't know her true purpose and it doesn't matter, what matters is that you are working towards a goal or a dream as long as it is for the good of others.

I am a purpose advocate, so I know the effect that statement can have on her audience. She said some people get cut-up in trying to figure out their true purpose. Well, It is true that some people can live all their life asking what is their true purpose, but even at that, saying it doesn't matter is not the best answer.

I have said it before, GOAL is not PURPOSE. A goal may give you motion but only purpose makes you fly.

In fact, purpose produce goals but goals does not produce purpose. Let me explain this; Because I discovered my purpose is to feed poor Africa children, I can set the goal to own a big agricultural enterprise that produces good crops and fruits to meet the nutrient requirements of children.

But because I simply decided to setup the goal to become the CEO of an agricultural enterprise that produces crops and fruits, even if my target market is the children does not mean I have discovered purpose. It may only be a business opportunity that I have found to be profitable.

You can become very notable in both business (purpose driven and goal driven), but it does not make them equal.

Let us consider another example; I am inspired by many people and I admire many people, but if I don't know my purpose I would be setting scattered goals every time I come across a new source of inspiration. That means I would be playing a ball without a team and audience.

But because I know my purpose, a new inspiration does not change my purpose, it can only lead to the evolution of my purpose. That is, if my purpose is to teach psychology, evolution makes me a better adapted teacher for new environments and new audience. It doesn't make me a chemistry teacher.

But my goals can be changed as new sources of inspirations comes, what is the essence of saving to buy a chalk and a black board to teach in my vlog when I only need to add some small amount to buy a white board and a marker?

You may not discover your life purpose in a single day, it may take time, months and years to say this is it. Most of us started life setting goals that seems good because the society said it was good. But when we discovered our true passion, we entered the realm where we asked "what is my life purpose?".

The purpose discovered, makes me cultivate my field, run on my lane and not struggle to become who I am not wired to be. The truth be told, I am a Christian because Jesus fulfilled His purpose while He was on earth. Imagine if He had set the goal to become an earthly king and planned to escape the cross, what would be the faith of you and I?

"The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it"- Henry Ford

Going by the words of the woman that inspired this post, I will say every individuals that we perceives as successful do not have the key to help us. You need to discover your life purpose and develop goals that are in alignment with it.

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